Here at PAL we have long standing relationships with proven UK & European manufacturers, which enables us to provide the correct solution for our customers in the most cost-effective way.

If you know anything about us here at PAL, you will know that our ethos is shaped around the concepts of passion and integrity. We are continuously moving forward, innovating where we can and improving our offering to the UK’s Construction & Manufacturing industries, and due to this people trust us to adhere to our word.

In addition to supplying a wide range of technical products, the majority available for next day delivery. PAL offer a Designed for You service, custom made Adhesives & Tapes for bespoke applications. Our Technical Team are more than happy to help advise on any specific requirement.

By working in partnership with some of The World’s most advanced and trusted manufacturers like CPG UK, the team at PAL are able to deliver a wide range of sustainable and economical adhesive based products, which allows us to fulfil our commitment to you – our customers.

The Products we supply are certified to the highest standards.

Meet our Team

"Where have the last 20 years gone? It’s scary to think that I’ve been around Industrial Tapes and Adhesives for that long! However, over that long period of time I’ve gained a lot of knowledge across a broad spectrum of adhesive applications. Its fair to say I have glazed many eyes over with my exciting stories about “Glue”. To me talking about bonding applications in Shipyards and Nuclear Power Plants around the world is fascinating; and how can developing Fire Retardant adhesives for Modular Building systems not be captivating conversation at dinner parties?

In the NEW era of PAL and its exciting alliance with CPG UK, I will be your Principle Point of Contact regarding the all the training we offer at The PAL Centre of Excellence. In addition to that, please feel free to contact me for information about any of our products and services.

For fun, I’m a passionate angler, agricultural golfer, opera goer, rugby & cricket lover. I’m also constantly entertained by my four adult children, who never fail to make me smile. Though I’m rarely invited for dinner."

"For 12 years I have been a part of PAL (I had hair when I started) gaining a wealth of experience in both Technical Sales and Account Management. Over that period of time the accounts I have managed have required many varied products, ranging from specifying technical Vapour Control Systems for Composite Window and Rain Screen Cladding profiles, through to advising on the right silicone when sealing a glass unit for housing a Boa Constrictor at an Exotic pet store! It’s fair to say there is never a dull moment.

As we grow my learning curve has steepened as our supply portfolio increases. It’s a great feeling to know we can specify and supply exactly what our customers need.

Away from work I’m a keen Sportsman, playing / coaching rugby for Tring 1st XV and enjoying a good hack around the Golf course. However, most of all I enjoy spending time with my young family."

"It’s not everyone gets the chance to make the most of what they have learnt over a long career, thankfully I’m one of the lucky ones.

30 years across the board in Fenestration, from installation or both Composite and uPVC replacement windows, through to trouble shooting for some of Europe’s major manufacturers, is enabling me to add real value to PAL’s customer base. I can join you on site to look at specific issues, talk through specifications on the phone or you can join me on the various Tool Box Talks or Training Modules we run.

The important thing is that if you have an issue, need guidance or just need a quote, I’m here to take you through it step by step. Indeed, if you want to visit the PAL Centre of Excellence, I’m happy to demonstrate a physical installation of any window type, just fill out the enquiry form on the PAL Training page and we can arrange something."

Away from my love of Windows and Glue, I’m a proud Watford FC Anorak, lover of all things cricket and devoted husband to my long suffering wife and father to two remarkable off-spring who thrive on my Dad Jokes."