Intelligent Window Installation

PAL and Den Braven are pioneering new intelligent methods of installation for the UK window market

The concept is based on using range of high tech new materials that together ensure a higher quality and more efficient install. It includes the use of revolutionary compressed tapes which expand to form a much more energy efficient and durable joint between window and wall.

The simplest of all combinations uses the 3-in-1 multifunction 3D tape that not only provides thermal insulation, air tightness and driven rain protection above 600 Pa but also delivers the fastest and most efficient installation possible. The option is suitable for more than 95% of UK installations

For unusual installations there are other combinations of materials in the range that can be used including:

BG1 Tape – a permeable tape with a driven rain tight functionality above 600 Pa. This tape is highly durable and both UV and weather resistant.  It conforms to classes BG-1, BG-2 and BG-R

The 2D Tape is a dual function tape that provides the highest levels of both thermal insulation and air tightness as well as effective sound insulation. It conforms to classes BG-2 and BG-R.

The Interior Foil Sealing Tape is a tear-resistant fleece-foil that provides an air tight seal and a suitable base for plastering and painting. It also conforms to classes BG-1 and BG-R.

Our Super-Flex Expanding PU Foam is the most flexible yet and is used as a gap filler and thermal insulator.

Our latest Low Modulus Window Silicones are neutral silicone sealants specially developed for a durable, elastic and watertight seal between window frames and walls. UV, moisture, weather and water resistant they are available in a range of colours to match window profiles.

PAL is already working with one of the UK’s leading window installation companies to personalise the concept for its sales and installation programmes.