Matilda's Blanket

When ECO focused Matilda’s Planet wanted to develop its new concept for Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) to improve insulation in the UK’s 8 million solid wall homes, PAL became their adhesives and lamination partner. Together we developed Matilda’s Blanket.

Matilda’s Blanket is based on a unique new lamination of high tech materials including air tight and water proof membranes and sophisticated insulating compounds. PAL helped their partner to not only develop individual component layers but also to develop the manufacturing process for laminating these components into finished panels that were structurally strong and highly energy efficient; while also being far slimmer than traditional insulation systems.

We also developed the unique adhesives and sealants to bond the panels together on installation, with a fast and simple process that left the new internal wall with a smooth seamless paint ready finish.

The system has produced a tested U-Value of 0.28 – dramatically better than all other existing systems – exceeding the new UK regulatory standards and saving home owners up to 40% on energy bills.


Fitting the Blanket