SWIX - External Wall Insulation Fixing System

PAL worked closely with new product developers in Switzerland to develop and commercialise a new fixing solutions for the External Wall Insulation (EWI) market in the UK. It is expected to provide a significant improvement to home insulation for years to come, benefitting tenants and property owners and improving the quality of housing stock.

Called SWIX, this revolutionary new product is made of a heavy-duty glass filled polyolefin and is used in conjunction with thermally efficient polyurethane adhesive foams that are IS ETAG 004:2000 certified. Unlike existing dowel based fixings, SWIX’s unique design eliminates thermal bridging to improve insulation performance. It can be used on all standard EWI insulation systems including mineral fibre board and expanded polystyrene. It is lightweight, no mortar is needed, and it requires at least 30% less fixings.

With installations proving 30% quicker than existing fixings, the product is in the process of being adopted for development worldwide under licence by a world leading fixings manufacturer.

The SWIX fixings have been tested and approved at a leading testing institute in the ETICS industry by leading expert Dr.-ing Heribert Oberhaus http://www.igb-dortmund.de/

SWIX Fixings