Bespoke Solution Development

Adding value through knowledge and partnership to deliver commercial advantage

When you just need the right product at the right price, PAL can supply it competitively and reliably. However, when you need a partner that can advise you and help you find the best possible adhesive for your needs, PAL can analyse your requirements and if necessary develop a bespoke product or solution.

Whether it’s to respond to new industry, commercial or regulatory requirements, to drive cost reduction, or to exploit the potential benefits of new technologies and innovations, that’s when PAL delivers unique value.

Our support as your adhesives application development partner could include:

  • Full technical and chemical analysis of application, process and performance needs
  • Extensive expertise in production, manufacturing and process application improvement
  • Solving adhesive related application and manufacturing process problems
  • Designing new manufacturing or operational processes
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce material and labour costs
  • Improving production and process efficiency, and reducing waste
  • Improving production and process efficiency, and reducing waste

Very simply, we ensure our customers are choosing the best possible adhesive solutions to deliver competitive commercial advantage.

PAL draws heavily on the extensive technical resources of Den Braven. Recognised as a global leader in the development and production of adhesives and sealants, Den Braven, and particularly its Centre of Excellence in the Netherlands, are renowned for their expertise, training, technical support and new product development.