Safety is the single most important element when it comes to the development of residential and commercial buildings. Specifying all fire door components correctly is an important element of building safety, and one component that mustn’t be overlooked is the fire door frame. Ensuring your fire doors are installed correctly and maintained by legal standards can mean the difference between life and death in the event of a fire.

What is a Fire Door Frame?

A fire door frame is the supporting structure that houses a fire door. Ideally, the frame should meet the same standards as the door and be purchased together as a complete doorset. The fire door frame is engineered to withstand intense heat and smoke within a specific period, helping to contain the fire.

Why Fire Door Frames Matter

To comprehend the importance of fire door frames, we must understand the fundamental functions of a fire door itself. Certified fire doors come with a fire-resistance rating, indicating the length of time the doorset and its materials can withstand smoke and fire—typically 30 or 60 minutes. This rating ensures that the door will perform effectively during a fire. Fire door frames are integral to this performance. They support the door and are fitted with intumescent strips (or seals) that expand in high temperatures to fill the gap between the door and the frame, preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Thus, the fire door frame is as crucial as the door itself in preventing fire spread as all components work together to create perfectly sealed gaps.

The Problem of Excessive Gaps

Excessive gaps between the fire door frame and door leaf result in a non-compliant fire door. Regulations specify that the gap should be 2mm to 4mm; anything larger compromises the door’s integrity. Over time, fire doors can warp due to heat, cold, moisture, or cracks, altering these gaps since the last inspection. The consequences of non-compliant gaps are worrying. They can result in failed fire door inspections and can expose building owners and managers to potential legal action due to negligence in meeting fire safety standards. Most importantly, non-compliant gaps pose a significantly increased risk of loss of life and extensive property damage in the event of a fire. Using FrameFit can restore compliance to existing fire doors and help avoid the costly replacement of the entire doorset.

How FrameFit Ensures Fire Door Compliance on a Budget

FrameFit [visit product page] is a product that fits to fire door frames and the bottom of the existing door leafs to reduce gap sizes to meet current fire door regulations. FrameFit is a fully tested and compliant solution that meets the stringent standards of BS 476 Part 22 and BS EN 1634-1. It offers a quick and easy installation process, typically taking less than one hour to complete, meaning less money spent on labour and projects becoming more efficient. As a cost-effective remediation option, FrameFit stands out with an average cost of just £82.15 for upgrading an FD30 fire door, making it an efficient and affordable choice for ensuring fire door compliance.

How FrameFit has helped our customers:

At PAL, we take pride in delivering innovative solutions that simplify challenges for our valued customers. Since launching 18 months ago, FrameFit has made a significant impact across various sectors, including care homes, hospitals, HMOs, universities, and construction contractors. We’ve supplied thousands of boxes of FrameFit, effectively relieving our customers of the burden of replacing entire doorsets. This breakthrough product has earned the trust and satisfaction of our clientele by offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. FrameFit not only protects our customers’ budgets but also ensures that buildings remain secure and compliant without compromising on safety or quality.

By eliminating the need to cut corners due to cost constraints, FrameFit has proven to be a game-changer in the industry.

Why choose PAL?

At PAL, we go beyond supplying FrameFit by offering comprehensive support, including product installation training and demonstrations (both in-person and online), expert technical advice, and next-day delivery for orders placed before 4pm. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures you have the knowledge, support, and timely delivery needed for your projects.

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