How does a cold snap affect your adhesive performance?

As we head into the winter months, it’s important to understand how temperature can influence the performance of adhesive products, and what you can do to ensure that your adhesives are ready to be used, no matter the weather.

Standard adhesive performance in cold weather

In temperatures below 10°c, standard adhesive products will increase in viscosity, meaning that they will become thicker, impacting how well the product applies and how far it goes.

The temperature when applying adhesive will also affect the time they take to cure and achieve their full bond. Most manufactures calculate the information on their data sheets at 20°c, but cold temperatures slow down chemical reaction rates. On average, every 10°c decrease in temperature doubles the reaction time, with many products not able to cure fully if used below 5°c.

How to protect adhesives from the cold

To ensure that your adhesive products are always ready to perform at their best, take the time to store them properly when not in use. Ideally, adhesive products should be stored in a dry area between 5-25°c and should not be left outside exposed to the elements, particularly overnight. If your adhesive products have been stored at lower temperatures, try to bring them back to an ambient temperature before use.

What if I need adhesives which are designed to work in cold conditions?

At Performance Adhesives, we stock a range of sealants and adhesives for specialist applications, including products which are fire resistant and cold weather tolerant. Our range includes products by Illbruck [FM610 Hand Held Foam] and Nullifire [SC902 On Site Fast Track Intumescent Coating] which have been specifically designed to work at temperatures below 0°c.

To find the best solution for your project, and find out more about adhesive performance in your specific conditions, speak to our friendly team of advisors today by calling us on 01442 899 960 or emailing