External Walling & Facades

PAL are able to offer joint solutions for all external applications where critical joints need to endure pressure over a long period of time without signs of degrading

PAL understand that not all projects are the same and that solutions often have to be adapted to suit the project in question. Critically, we recognise that joints are an increasingly important detail of facades, and whilst catering for movement, the joint must look aesthetically pleasing.

It is extremely important that the areas are sealed correctly to prevent the build-up of moisture and condensation, our range includes:

Sealants & Adhesives

  • Frame & Façade Sealant
  • Joint Sealant
  • Premium Frame & Façade Sealant
  • Premium Glazing Silicone
  • Lead Sealant
  • Premium Natural Stone Silicone
  • MS Polymers
  • EPDM Paste
  • B1 PU Foam Fire Stop

Tapes, Membranes & Profiles

  • Expanding Foam – Compriband Tape
  • BG1 Foam Tape
  • EPDM Membrane (standard and adhesive backed)
  • Joint Backer Plus
  • Backer Rod

Primers & Cleaners

  • Cleaner for Plastics
  • Cleaner/ Primer for Silicones
  • Primer for Hybrids on porous & non porous Substrates
  • Cleaner/ Primer for Hybrids & Silicones


  • Cartridge Gun 400 Standard  & Pro
  • Sausage Gun 600 Standard & Pro Combi
  • PU Foam Gun
  • Battery / Pneumatic Guns


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