Fire Door Safety Week – Technical Data & Specification

Fire doorsets are complex systems, designed to combine the features of a regular door with fire resistance, security and sound attenuation attributes. Ensuring your fire door selection matches your fire door specification can be confusing and technical.

A technical data sheet usually contains all the potential options available across the range, whilst a specification contains the characteristic of a specific doorset.

A typical fire door specification would include information on the performance, core material, size, finish, ironmongery, packaging and fixings:

  • Structural opening (e.g. 2110 x 1010mm)
  • Fire rating (FD30, FD60, FD90 or FD120)
  • Smoke sealing (prefix ‘s’ on the end of the fire rating: FD30s)
  • Security (PAS24:2016)
  • Sound attenuation (29dB, 30dB, 35dB or 40+dB reduction)
  • Frame section and material (e.g. 100x32mm softwood, once primed)
  • Architrave section and material (e.g. 44x19mm, twice rounded, softwood, once primed)
  • Door leaf finish and material (e.g. American White Oak on solid core construction)
  • Swinging configuration (e.g. single swing on 3 Grade 13 hinges)
  • Locking (din latch)
  • Door closer (e.g. face fixed scissor arm power 2-4)
  • Handles (e.g. return to door on rose)
  • Signage (e.g. Fire Door Keep Shut)
  • Packaging and fixings (e.g. Blue60 fire foam and packers)
  • Data chip pin (e.g. Door Data Systems pin)
  • Any other requirements

Checking the fire door specification is crucial to ensure that a doorset is fit to the intended purpose and that the desired look can be achieved.

For help ensuring you are selecting the right fire door for your specification, you can contact our expert team.