Interior Fit Out

PAL are able to offer a solution for your Interior Fit Out requirements

Decorating & Finishing –Drywalling & Panelling – Sanitary & Hygienic Applications –Woodworking & JoineryFlooring – Decorative Panelling & Construction Joints.

  • Pro Range Caulks
  • Over Paintable Acrylic Sealants
  • Pro Range Fillers- Fast Paint
  • Skirting Board & Trim Adhesives
  • PU Foam B1 Fire Rated
  • Fix & Seal High Tack
  • PU Foam Adhesive Gap-Filler
  • Glazing Silicone
  • Sanitary / Hygienic Silicones
  • Industrial Grade Super -Glue / Mitre Kits
  • High Grip Solvent Free Adhesive
  • Sprayable contact Adhesive
  • VHB Tapes
  • Trim Mounting Tapes
  • Sealing Tapes
  • Universal PVA

Please refer to RAL PAL for complete range of Coloured Silicones for bespoke applications.


Please feel free to contact us today for a quote or for any help with your requirements.