For Major Users of Adhesives and Sealants

For companies regularly using large quantities of adhesives and/or sealants, PAL can be more than just a reliable supplier, we can also be a value added solutions partner.

Whether you are a contractor, installer, OEM or running a major production line, if you use adhesives and sealants as part of your general manufacturing processes or for installation and on site applications, choosing the right product, formulation and application methodology can make a significant difference to your productivity and bottom line profitability.

So, if you simply need the right adhesive or sealant product at the right price, we’ll supply it competitively and reliably. But when you have an adhesives or sealant challenge requiring a new application solution or the development of a bespoke new product, then we’ll source it – or if necessary crate it – and help you find the most effective way to apply it.

With our expertise to support you, we can reduce your production and operational costs, and help you improve your final product quality, product performance and operational efficiency.



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Intelligent Window Installation

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