Associated Products, Cleaners and Tools

As well as any type of adhesive or sealant we can also supply all the associated tools, cleaners, primers, fillers, and of course PU foams.

PU Foams and Cleaners:- Our polyurethane foam or PU foam has many applications such as gap filling, thermal insulation, sound insulation, bonding and passive fire protection.

For example:-

Zwaluw Elast-O-Foam is a professional flexible single-component polyurethane gun foam. Its permanent flexibility creates a sustainable and highly insulating (airtight) seal. It is tested to EN1026 for air loss up to 1050Pa. With excellent adhesion, a durable sealing function and high insulation values, Elast-O-Foam provides an A + label for VOC content.

Zwaluw Flex-Foam is a single-component flexible insulation polyurethane foam with a high yield. It is specially developed for sealing and filling joints, seams and connections. It has been been tested and approved by a notified body (0960) and according to directives of the NEN-EN 1026: 2000 to determine the air loss at a pressure up to 1050 Pa. with air loss 25 times lower than prescribed by the standard. Flex-Foam is suitable for passive houses and energy neutral homes and airtight buildings. Properly applied, it contributes to energy savings and it is applicable at low temperatures.

Zwaluw FP PU Foam is a single-component, fire resistant polyurethane foam that provides up to 120 minutes of fire resistance (4 hours when used with other FP products). The canisters are equipped with an adaptor to accurately apply the foam by hand, or with a connector to apply the foam with a professional PU-gun. As well as good fire resistance and excellent bonding it delivers high thermic and acoustic insulation- and it can easily be cut after curing.

Zwaluw Purfoam-2C B2 is a 2-component mounting and insulating polyurethane foam with a high dimensional stability which cures without influence of moisture and layer thickness.

Zwaluw Universal PU-Cleaner is developed for removing stains and residues of polyurethane foam as long as the foam is still fresh. is also suitable for cleaning the inside of PU NBS Guns. NB Cured foam is non soluble and can only be removed mechanically.

Fillers:- We are able to offer a complete range of fillers for internal and external uses with each of them having specific unique characteristics and performances. We have fillers based on acrylics, polyesters and epoxies with single and two component applications.

Zwaluw Repox®  and Zwaluw Repox® Fast are permanently elastic solvent free 2-component wood repair systems for small and large repairs based on epoxy resin. They come with a COT report LAB12-0117-RAP and comply with the COT quality description 04.20 Wood Repair Compound regulation.

Zwaluw Plasterboard-Filler is a filler and spackling compound for filling and repairing cracks and holes in walls and ceilings. Ready to use and ready mixed it is ultra light and virtually non-shrinking.