Tapes and Membranes

Whether it's for sealing or insulating, air tightness or water tightness, masking or protecting, jointing or facing, we can supply the most appropriate and effective tape or membrane solution.

We sell a wide assortment of tapes ranging from painters tapes, to high-end compression tapes for air tight building and passive house solutions, to complementary tapes for mounting façade panels and mirrors. We can also supply membranes such as non-woven air tight and passive house membranes, butyl and bituminous tapes, aluminium tapes and EPDM façade tapes.

For example:

Zwaluw Compress Band BG1 is an impregnated, pre-compressed, polyurethane foam joint sealing tape. It combines soft foam with acrylate dispersion impregnation, accessory agents and filling agents and is self-adhesive on one side. After application the pre-compressed tape will expand slowly to fill the joint and be watertight against driving rain up to 600 Pa. BG1 has universal application for the sealing of joints in structural engineering including window construction and installation, wood construction, prefabricated construction and masonry, framework construction and concrete construction. It provides excellent sound air and watertight insulation and is important for Airtight or passive house applications and of course window installation systems.

Zwaluw Compress Band 2D is a pre-compressed and impregnated multifunction joint-sealing tape for the sealing of the airtight function area and for thermal and sound insulation in the window joint seal with a single product. The tape meets all of the requirements of an airtight, thermal insulating and sound insulating sealing. To achieve a proper functional joint design Den Braven recommends to apply or the Zwaluw Compress Band BG-1 or an elastic joint sealant as an rain barrier. It delivers an internal and thermal and sound-insulating sealing of window connection joints for the most diverse joint widths and window profile thicknesses.

Zwaluw Compress Band 3D is a 3-in-1pre-compressed, joint-sealing tape that provides airtight, water tight, thermal and sound insulation. It is impregnated and expands to deliver multifunctionality including driving rain resistance up to 1050 Pa. It complies with EN 1027 in the connection joints of windows covering the most diverse joint widths and window profile thicknesses.

Zwaluw Window Foil Interior and Window Foil Exterior are airtight tear-proof highly flexible fleece fabrics with integrated self-adhesive fixing strips. They comply with the planning and installation recommendations of DIN 4108-7 and with the RAL Quality Assurance Association for windows and doors; and they can be plastered and painted if necessary.

Zwaluw Butylband is an airtight self-adhesive membrane for air, water and vapour tight connections between Façades elements and supporting structures. It is based on a pure butyl adhesive with a reinforced lamination with and a pre-slit (50% -50%) protective release paper.