PAL supply a full range of Bondloc Engineering Adhesives for all engineering-based applications.

Bondloc Anaerobic adhesives were developed to help reduce production costs and time, lower maintenance costs but also to add other benefits like product reliability and replace mechanical locking devices. Once cured the thermoset plastic property provides excellent resistance to various chemical environments, excellent resistance against external impact, and vibrational force.

Bondloc Anaerobic adhesives are single component adhesives that remain liquid until there is an absence of air and contact is made with metal ions. The reaction speed of anaerobic products is mainly influenced by the substrates, as some are active substrates that contain a rich metal ion, whereas inactive substrates contain less metal ion; the bond line gap, as the reaction takes a short time

with a thin bond line, while a thick bond line takes a long time to polymerize; temperature, as elevated temperature activates the reaction of adhesive, while low temperature slows down the reaction of adhesive. Using an activator, will activate the inactive surface as if an active substrate is used.

The range is coloured coded and has a controlled viscosity for optimum dispensing and controlled cure speed depending on the requirement of the application. This allows normal machining by saving a machining cost, and it also allows an automatic dispensing of adhesive for more effective manufacturing.

Our Anaerobic range is broken down into 4 sections which include:

  • Threadlockers
  • Gasket Solutions
  • Thread Sealants
  • Retaining Compounds.

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PAL Bondloc Product Pocket Guide