Vapour Control Membranes (VCM) are now a vital part of many building specifications. Our High-Performance range of membranes cater for applications that require both air and water-tightness, as well as letting the structure we are protecting breath. Our Fire Retardant VCM is manufactured using unique technology, providing a best-in-class product.

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illbruck me060 A2 vapour control membrane

Illbruck ME060 A2 Membrane Pro Air & Vapour Control

ME060 is a laminated, aluminium foil-faced glass fibre-reinforced, air and vapour control membrane with a reaction to fire classification of A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1.

ME060 is used as an air and vapour barrier on the interior side of lightweight steel and timber frame systems.

ME060 has an enhanced reaction to fire classification and is highly suited to construction projects designated as ‘relevant buildings‘ as defined in Approved Document B.

Key Benefits include:

–  Class A2-s1, d0 to EN 13501-1.
–  Air and vapour tight – can be used to comply with Passiv Haus standards.
– 95% heat reflection.
– Provides significantly improved energy efficiency.
– Durability – Aluminium, glass fibre-reinforced membrane ensures long-lasting strength and durability.
–  Supplied in 1.2m x 50m logs for easy application.

illbruck ME009 – UV Stable – Wide Format – Breather Membrane 3.2m x 50m

ME009 is a highly breathable polypropylene, non-woven, UV stable construction membrane that provides an effective waterproof layer for building façades. It is designed in a wide format making it ideal for use in the modular construction industry.

illbruck ME010 – FR - Vapour Open Breather Membrane – 1.5m x 50m.

This high-performance breather membrane can be directly laid on sheathing board or thermal insulation behind partially or fully open rain screen façades or curtain walling. ME010 is a highly vapour open, watertight, polyester-based breather membrane, with Class B-s1, d0 to EN13501-1 –including adhesive, tested by MPA Hannover. Suitable for full façade or window perimeter sealing applications.

illbruck ME011 – UV Stable Vapour Open Breather Membrane – 1.5m x 50m

ME011 is a special monolithic functional membrane covered with two layers of non-woven water-repellent polyester. This breather membrane can be directly laid on sheathing board or thermal insulation behind partially open rain screen façades or curtain walling with up to 30 mm wide open joints. The open joints should represent a maximum of 40% of the overall façade area i.e. for a 30 mm gap width, the panels/slats should be a minimum width of 45 mm each. The membrane is made of a special, monolithic functional membrane covered with two layers of non-woven water-repellent polyester.

illbruck ME012 - Duo Window FR Breather Membrane – 1.5 x 50m

The ME012 is a polyester based waterproof and airtight perimeter sealing membrane which provides a high performance breathable air and weather seal to the perimeter joint between the window / curtain wall and the external construction reveal that is permanently UV stable and has a Class B1 (DIN4102-1) & Class B – s3-d0 (EN13501-1) reaction to fire. Due to the fixed Sd value, the membrane is suitable for windows projecting from the sheathed and framed walls.

illbruck ME003 – 3-Ply Vapour Barrier – 1.5m x 50m

This innovative 3-ply co-extruded PE vapour barrier membrane meets virtually all the demands of professional practice and protects the construction and insulation by providing a vapour and air-tight seal. High-grade granulates are used as its main constituents, which does not lower the sd-value (vapour diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness). Consequently, this high-grade product offers comparable diffusion resistance properties to typical 160 ?m PE vapour barriers, despite its lower thickness.

illbruck ME315 is Membrane Tape. 60mm x 25m

ME315 is a single-sided, modified acrylic adhesive tape for interior and exterior use, providing a high performing air and weather tight seal. Suitable for a wide variety of applications including sealing of sheathing boards, slab edge details and the durable bonding of illbruck vapour barrier and breather membranes. A permanent bond is achieved on all tremco illbruck indoor and outdoor building protection membranes.

illbruck ME316 Endurance Membrane Tape. 60mm x 25m

ME316 is a PP fleece with waterproof solid adhesive. This single-sided adhesive tape is suitable for interior & exterior use, providing a high performing air & weather-tightness seal. Particularly suited for sealing of joints between timber panels to maintain long-term performance. A permanent bond is achieved on all illbruck building protection membranes and PE, PA, PP, aluminium foils, concrete, brick and block, aerated concrete and wood used to create an airtight seal.

illbruck ME317 Internal membrane Tape. 60mm x 25m

illbruck ME317 is a single-sided adhesive reinforced paper tape. For the airtight bonding of overlaps with ME003 vapour barrier membrane, used internally. Also for joints in OSB boards and as an air-seal tape for penetrations.

illbruck SP025 Fire Membrane Adhesive. 600ml Foil

SP025 Fire Membrane Adhesive is chemically neutral and low odour during and after curing. The product is permanently elastic but with a high mechanical strength. SP025 shows a good resistance to UV, weather and ageing and is free from isocyanates and silicone. Suitable for bonding and sealing in construction applications. Façade sealant for external and internal use according to DIN EN 15651-1, Class 20HM. Tested with ME010 Façade UV & Fire membrane to EN 13501-1: Class B-s1, d0. Suitable for bonding illbruck intelligent membrane range (NOT EPDM)

illbruck OT301 Vapour Barrier Adhesive

OT301 is used for creating airtight joints between illbruck vapour barrier and structural elements, airtightness membranes, wall lining membranes of all kinds and for bonding wind-tight joints between sub-roof and roof-lining membranes. A permanent bond is achieved on all illbruck membranes, PE, PA, PP and aluminium foil used to create an airtight seal.

illbruck ME407 Butyl Jointing Tape 20m (multiple widths)

ME407 is used to make various joints and exterior wall sections internally vapour and airtight, externally watertight, and to create pressure equalisation in the exterior wall structure.

illbruck ME402 Compriband Sealing / Jointing Ali-Tape PB. 25m (multiple widths)

ME402 Compriband Ali-Tape PB is intended for the internal and external sealing and repair of joints and overlaps in a wide variety of applications which includes, amongst others: shop fitting, facades, conservatories, air conditioning, and ventilation.

illbruck ME901 Butyl & Bitumen Primer

ME901 Butyl & Bitumen Primer is used as a pre-treatment bonding agent and primer when working with illbruck butyl and bitumen tapes and membranes.

illbruck ME902 Butyl & Bitumen Spray Primer

ME902 Butyl & Bitumen Spray Primer serves as a bonding agent and primer for the application of illbruck membranes incorporating butyl and bitumen adhesives.

ME904 Adhesive Tape Primer

ME904 is used for the pre-treatment of building substrates, e.g. cement particle board, masonry, timber, etc., when using illbruck building protection tapes, particularly for bonding to damp substrates. ME904 is a solvent free, acrylic copolymer primer.