SX200 - General Purpose Smoothing Compound

SX200 is a fast drying, self levelling, pump applied underlayment, for levelling of concrete floors before the installation of floor coverings.

Provides good resistance to impact, point loading and abrasion. Ideally suited to floors in office buildings, shops, public buildings, schools, hospitals, airports  and prisons.

SX250 - Moisture Tolerant Smoothing Compound

SX250 is a pre-smoothing and repair compound for clean, sound, porous substrates.

SX250 is specifically designed for preparation of interior applications and can be applied by hand or by pump.

SX500 - Rapid Drying Smoothing Compound

SX500 is a protein free moisture tolerant, fast drying, smoothing compound for interior applications.

SX500 is designed for application to existing floors prior to the application of floor coverings including: vinyl, carpets, ceramic tiles, wood, etc.

SX600-NA - High Performance Rapid Set Smoothing Compound - No Ammonia

SX600NA is a protein free, moisture tolerant smoothing underlayment that can be used over old adhesive residue in interior applications. Additionally, there is no need to prime if being applied to a TREMCO DPM. The product has a walk on time of 2 hours and can receive floor coverings after 4 hours.

SX600NA has been designed for levelling uneven subfloors and is well suited to areas that require low odour products. It can be used under a DPM or over underfloor heating systems.