Our high initial grab carpet adhesives are perfect for a wide range of carpet types. Very low VOC, non-staining and long open time, make our range carpet adhesives the perfect partner for any specialist flooring contractor.

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SF108 - Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive

SF108 is a pressure sensitive adhesive for bonding most rubber and vinyl floor coverings as well as vinyl wall coverings.

SF108 is designed for single stick bonding of rubber flooring, tiles and sheet to porous surfaces and bonding PVC floor, wall and ceiling coverings.

SF110 - Carpet Adhesive

SF110 is a water based synthetic latex multi-purpose adhesive which has good bond strength and a long open time, is easy to trowel and is non-staining.

SF110 is suitable for hessian, ActionBac®, felt, rubber gel, & latex backed carpets. It is not suitable for use with urethane backed carpets.

SF115 - Contact Adhesive

SF115 is a one part, modified elastomer contact adhesive for use with rubber and PVC.

SF115 has been specially developed for contact bonding (two way stick) of a wide range of floor coverings including:

  • rubber tiles and sheet
  • vinyl and cork

To horizontal and vertical surfaces

  • rubber nosing and covings
  • PVC nosings and covings

Where superior water resistance is required use SF165 Water Resistant Contact Adhesive.

SF404 - Fire Retardant Epoxy Adhesive

SF404 is a two part epoxy based, self extinguishing adhesive of thixotropic consistency, formulated for ambient temperature curing.

SF404 has been specifically developed for the bonding of all resilient (eg. rubber, vinyl and linoleum) and textile floor coverings in areas of high risk and where public safety is the main consideration, to: concrete substrates cementitious substrates metal substrates plywood substrates.