PAL are dedicated to all aspects of Passive Fire Stopping. We supply The World’s most comprehensive and fully Certified range of products available through our association with Nullifire (CPG UK). In addition to that we run one of the UK’s Premier “Fire Stopping’ & “Fire Door” Installation Training Centres.

Nullifire intumescent coatings and fire stopping products provide specifiers, developers, builders, contractors and installers with a complete solution to all passive fire stopping requirements at all stages of the construction program.

Our specialist collaboration with Nullifire aligns us with their one focus that
has not and will not change – to protect people and buildings from fire. Passive fire protection is highly complex but crucially important, especially as buildings become more sophisticated. We understand the need to have confidence in fire protection so, we provide integrated systems that perform when they are called upon.

Blue60 Fire Foam & Packer System

Blue60 Fire Rated Foam and packers systems is the culmination of two years of research and development and six months of continuous testing, to enable us to offer the first and only fully tested and accredited Fire Doorset installation method available on the market. Blue60 has been tested in every…

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Wall & Floor Penetrations

To provide compliant Passive Fire Stopping for all wall and floor service penetrations is a prerequisite for all new build and retrofit construction applications.  At PAL we make it very simple to understand what needs to be done and why.  We supply full technical back-up to our contractors and specifiers. …

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Cavity Barriers

Cavity barriers are passive fire protection products made of fire-resistant materials, they are used to seal cavities and therefore, prevent the spread of flames and smoke through spaces within the cavities of the building. This process slows the spread of a fire, increasing the time people are able to evacuate…

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Large Cavity Barriers

Nullifire Fire Curtains (Fire & Smoke) are ideal fire stopping solutions for large voids in buildings above ceilings and can provide 30 minute to 2 hours fire protection to openings with up to 10 m drops.

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Pipe & Cable Penetration Closing

Used to seal combustible pipes as they pass through fire compartment walls and floors. When exposed to fire, the intumescent lining within the metal sleeve expands and fills the space left by the heat softened pipe thus reinstating the fire compartment line. These products are suitable for retrofit or maybe…

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Linear Movement Gap Seals

Gaps of every type within the building envelope require a fire stopping solution. For all linear movement and building gap seals, Nullifire include a range of fire-rated foams, compressible fibre strips as well as acrylic and silicone sealants.

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Fire Door Installation Solutions

New guidelines and forthcoming legislation means that both Asset Holders and Contractors must comply with not only new Fire Door Installation regulations, but also assessment and maintenance. At PAL we provide not only guidance and training on what certified installation materials you need, but also how manage your Fire Door…

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Intumescent Coatings

PAL have access to the complete range of Nullifire Intumescent Coatings for structural steel, these World Class products are the tried and tested way of protecting buildings and ultimately people and lives. Nullifire Intumescent coatings have been exhaustively tested both in our own laboratories but also to national and international…

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