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FV065 Small Ventilated Cavity Barrier Roll is a fire rated product designed to be used as a cavity barrier up to 65 mm cavity within external walls. The product is encapsulated in a polythene barrier and made from a flexible intumescent material allowing it to be provided in a roll format.


FV065 is used within external wall cavity, to reinstate fire resistance performance, of ventilated cavities, for up to 60 minutes for cavity widths of up to 65 mm, in fire conditions. The product will act as an external wall cavity barrier at the required locations such as compartment floors, around windows, doors, etc. and within uninsulated cavities requiring permanent (open-state) ventilation. In the event of a fire FV065’s intumescent material will expand to close the external wall cavity, providing effective fire resistance, for integrity and insulation for up to 60 minutes depending upon the construction of the external walls. FV065 is designed to close off a total cavity of 65 mm which allows for building tolerances of up to 15 mm (above the typical maximum cavity ventilation requirements of 50 mm).

Always read SDS, pre-application guidance and relevant application detail prior to application. Ensure the latest documents are downloaded prior to every project commencement.

• FV065 should freely face into the cavity and should be installed horizontally in a continuous band across the floor level of the building in line with the compartment floors.

• The correct positioning should be confirmed with the persons responsible for the design of the project.

• All joints must be tightly butted together so that the intumescent material is continuous throughout the cavity.

• Obstructions such as rails or timber battens should not interrupt, encase or cover FV065, battens and rails should be cut either side of the fire barrier.

• FV065 is not designed for use within cavities where insulation is required to be installed. More suitable alternatives are available from the Nullifire product range.

• Not approved for use behind cladding / weather-boarding. • Approved for use behind masonry / brickwork. (FV065 must be unobstructed to allow for free expansion).

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.


Nullifire FV605 Product Benefits 

  • Suitable for masonry and brickwork external substrates.
  • Ventilated design – developed to allow maximum ventilation of uninsulated cavities reducing the need for cavity trays or weepholes.
  • Suitable for ventilated cavities up to 65 mm wide, including building tolerances of up to 15 mm.
  • Lightweight – easy & quick to install.
  • Provided in rolls of 6.3 m long offering space and labour savings.
  • Moisture resistance packaging.
  • No maintenance required after installation.



FV065 Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf


FV065 Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf