Used to seal combustible pipes as they pass through fire compartment walls and floors. When exposed to fire, the intumescent lining within the metal sleeve expands and fills the space left by the heat softened pipe thus reinstating the fire compartment line.
These products are suitable for retrofit or maybe installed prior to service installation.

Nullifire FP160 Steel encased closer for combustible pipes of up to 200 mm

The Nullifire FP160 is available in various lengths, it is the perfect solution for angled pipes. FP160 provides service integrity of up to 4 hours, dependant on substrate. It may be used directly in solid or flexible substrates, or within FB750 coated batts. Additional clips may be required in floors slabs.

Nullifire FP170 Intumescent Pipe Collars

Nullifire FP170 Intumescent pipe collars are designed to maintain the fire resistance of floors and walls when penetrated by combustible pipes. Under fire conditions, the intumescent filler expands to many times its original thickness exerting pressure on the softening pipe and closing the opening with a dense block of fire resistant char. FP170 may additionally be used around insulated combustible pipes or continuously insulated non-combustible pipes.

Nullifire FS709 Intumescent Sealant

Nullifire FS709 is designed to close off gaps and penetrations in compartment walls and floors, to provide up to 4 hours fire resistance. This product has been formulated to close off plastic pipe penetrations in the event of a fire, negating the need for pipe closers or wrap systems. FS709 is suitable for the following service penetrations up to 125 mm; PVC pipes, ABS pipes, HDPE pipes including Armaflex and glass wool insulation. FS709 can also be used with metallic pipes, cables and cable bunches including telecommunication cables, cable trays and cable ladders.

Nullifire FP302 Intumescent Strap

Nullifire FP302 is designed to close off combustible elements whilst maintaining compartmentation. FP302 is also a component product incorporated within many Nullifire fire stopping products.  This product is most commonly used around combustible pipes with a diameter of between 10 mm and 160 mm and all types of pipe insulation up to 60 mm thick.  Fully Tested for up to 240mins.

Nullifire FP300 Self Adhesive Intumescent Pipe Wrap

Nullifire FP300 is a simple to use self-adhesive intumescent pipe wrap used for sealing plastic and composite pipe penetrations. FP300 is used to stop the spread of smoke and fire along services that pass-through compartment walls and floors. The wrap fits around the circumference of the pipe within the depth of the substrate. In the event of a fire FP300 prevents the passage of fire and smoke by closing off the aperture within the compartment floor or wall when penetrated by plastic pipes.
FP300 is suitable for use with all common plastic and composite pipes (PVC, ABS, PE, PP, PB).
Typical areas of use include health and leisure facilities, schools, universities, commercial, retail and industrial buildings.

Nullifire FS719

FS719 HP Blue for CPVC

FS719 HP Blue for CPVC is a unique sealant, developed specifically for CPVC materials.The product is a distinctive blue colour, for easy visual identification and traceability.

FS719 is used to reinstate the compartment fire performance of compartment lines (walls & floors) which have been breached by CPVC combustible sprinkler systems.