Nullifire FS719 HP Blue

What is Nullifire FS719 HP Blue for CPVC?

Nullifire FS719 HP Blue for CPVC is a unique sealant developed specifically for CPVC materials. The product has a distinctive blue colour for easy visual identification and traceability.

FS719 is a powerful product, designed to close CPVC, only when the pipes are deteriorating under fire conditions.

Approved for use by a CPVC pipe manufacturers, and registered as such for use around Flowguard, Blazemaster, Corzan, etc.

This advanced product has been made available to installers of fire protection and sprinkler systems.

CPG UK Ltd should be contacted for technical advice and installation recommendations when used with other CPVC pipe types.

What applications can FS719 HP Blue be used for?

Nullifire FS719 is used to reinstate the fire performance of compartment lines (walls & floors) which have been breached by CPVC combustible sprinkler systems or other CPVC systems. The product remains inert until exposed to a specific temperature. At this point FS719 will expand and seal the gap left by the dysfunctional CPVC sprinkler pipe. Tested for use around 1”, 2” and 3” Internal Diameter CPVC pipes through flexible & rigid walls and rigid floors. FS719 may be used direct within substrate (plasterboard, blockwork, concrete) or within FB750 Intubatt when installed in full accordance with our testing methods and recommendations.

Always read SDS, pre-application guidance and relevant application detail prior to application. Ensure the latest documents are downloaded prior to every project commencement.

This product is tested for use only around CPVC pipes. The product may function on other pipe types, but is not tested for such materials and should not be used as a general fire stopping product. Sprinker system design must include allowances for CPVC thermal expansion at the point of interface with FS719. If this has not been considered, we recommend a foil barrier extending through the compartment as a slip joint between the CPVC pipe and the FS719.

The sprinkler system must be installed in full accordance with all manufacturers’ recommendations and storage condition guidance. The design of the sprinkler system should consider all local heat sources (close to the sprinkler system), other services (should be prevented from touching the sprinkler system), and building deflection that may have a long term detrimental effect and cause stress fractures on the sprinkler system if not considered in the design.

FF197 Fire Rated PU Foam may not be used as a backer material with FS719 around CPVC pipes. The materials recommended on this TDS are as approved by Lubrizol and are correct as of the day of publication. When used within FB750, care should be taken to avoid any contact with any other sealant type required for application from coming into contact with CPVC.

FBC™ System Compatible indicates that this product has been tested, and is monitored on an ongoing basis, to assure its chemical compatibility with FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® piping systems and products made with TempRite® Technology.” “FBC™, FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® Corzan® , and TempRite® are trademarks of The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates. Visit for additional information.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

Benefits of using FS719 HP Blue

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FBC system compatible



Nullifire FS719 HP Blue for CPVC Technical Data Sheet [PDF]

Download Nullifire FS719 HP Blue for CPVC Technical Data Sheet here.


Nullifire Nullifire FS719 HP Blue for CPVC Material Safety Data Sheet [PDF]

Download Nullifire FS719 HP Blue for CPVC Material Safety Data Sheet here.