SFS construction such as Metsec is a method of façade construction with ever-increasing popularity in the UK due to its versatility and speed of erection. The SFS is constructed using pre-fabricated metal members either as a continuous ribbon framing in front of the individual floor levels or installed between floors as an infill as part of the external envelope.

For window installation, the openings are created in the SFS structure which is normally clad externally with CPB (Cement Particle Board) providing a stable backing wall to which the external cladding can be attached (e.g rainscreen or rendered insulation). The windows are normally positioned projecting out of the structural opening into the insulation and external finishes zones and in order to maintain the air and weather tightness of the building envelope, these interfaces must be appropriately sealed, usually with membranes. illbruck are well positioned to offer advice and site-based technical support throughout the design and build process and are regularly involved with tool box talks to ensure satisfactory application of the products.

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illbruck TP600 Compriband 600 – BBA Approved

TP600 is an impregnated joint sealing tape for use in a wide variety of movement joints including window perimeter seals and other applications.

illbruck ME501 VV Duo Window Membrane HD

ME501 VV is a high strength, tear resistant membrane made from polyethylene copolymer film with non-woven fabric and self-adhesive films for reliable and user-friendly application.

illbruck ME220 VV EPDM Membrane

ME220 VV is an EPDM-based membrane used for sealing interfaces to provide airtight or weather tight seals. It is suitable for wide ranging application details. The material does not contain any solvents which could later migrate into adjacent surfaces.