Whilst timber frame construction is the most common type of construction for one-and two-storey houses in North America and Scandinavia, in Central Europe it has become more common with the increase of prefabricated homes and multi-storey commercial buildings in wood panel construction. A number of advantages have made this type of build more acceptable as timber frame structures can be built quickly and inexpensively. Above all, thanks to excellent insulation properties and low energy consumption, this type of construction is ideal for low-energy houses and it is now widely used for larger scale commercial residential buildings. It is estimated that 75% of self-build homes in UK are manufactured from timber frame. Furthermore, structural timber has the lowest embedded CO² of any building material.

There are several types of timber frame, including SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels), CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), Gluelam and ‘open’ and ‘closed’ panel systems. Whichever type is used, they are primarily made up of dry materials and penetrating moisture can quickly lead to significant damage. Air tightness is also a key factor when building with these components and various joints between panels and other elements require careful sealing in order to achieve a low air leakage figure.

A key consideration when building in timber is the differential movement which occurs in the timber frame components as the building dries out and loading factors are involved. This has to be considered carefully in the design as settlement in excess of 30mm can occur on multi-storey construction and this has potentially serious consequences when sealing around the perimeter of windows which when fitted to the internal timber frame structure will move significantly relative to the external skin. illbruck have solutions which deal with such movement levels and can also offer project specific support in providing products which deal with varying joint widths and suitable detailing where differential movement can occur and airtightness of the envelope needs to be maintained.

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illbruck TP600 Compriband 600 – BBA Approved

TP600 is an impregnated joint sealing tape for use in a wide variety of movement joints including window perimeter seals and other applications.

TP600 is not suitable for locations where standing water or a head of water is likely to occur, eg under a window fixed on a flat topped sub-sill where the tape is not within 2-3 mm of the vertical face of the sub-sill. High temperatures accelerate tape expansion, while low temperatures delay this. At ambient temperatures above 20°C, the tape should be stored in a cool place on the construction site away from direct sunlight. A small fridge is ideal for this.

Remaining rolls in opened boxes should be maintained in a horizontal state and weighed down to prevent lateral expansion (telescoping) of the rolls. Whilst it is unnecessary to seal over the external face of the tape, the exposed edge can be plastered or painted over. The compatibility of sealants must be tested. In some cases, white sealants can be incompatible. The tape must not come into contact with chemicals containing solvents or aggressive chemicals.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

Product Benefits:

  • 15 year performance guarantee
  • Weather seal for wind-driven rain
  • Breathable – for vapour diffusion
  • Continually expands and contracts to accommodate movement whilst still sealing the joints
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation

Demo Video:

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illbruck ME501 VV Duo Window Membrane HD

ME501 VV is a high strength, tear resistant membrane made from polyethylene copolymer film with non-woven fabric and self-adhesive films for reliable and user-friendly application.

illbruck ME220 VV EPDM Membrane

ME220 VV is an EPDM-based membrane used for sealing interfaces to provide airtight or weather tight seals. It is suitable for wide ranging application details. The material does not contain any solvents which could later migrate into adjacent surfaces.

TP450 Compriband Timber Max

TP450 is a soft and flexible open cell polyurethane foam, impregnated with an acrylic based, UV stabilised resin with large joint size tolerance for large movement applications. The resin is water repellent and contains a fire retardant. TP450 has a self-adhesive side to aid initial location and is easy to apply in any weather. Additionally, TP450 has both thermal and acoustic insulation properties.


TP450 provides a weather tight seal against the most severe combinations of wind and rain, with particular suitability for sealing the head and sills of windows installed in timber frame construction and can accommodate up to 37 mm of differential movement within a max. 50 mm wide joint. Extensively tested with BBA accreditation, TP450 has a proven reputation across both the UK and Europe.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

Product Benefits:

  • Minimum 450 Pa weather resistance, 600 Pa with the three smaller sizes, to DIN EN 1027
  • Accommodates up to 37 mm of joint movement within a maximum 50 mm wide gap
  • Weather seal for wind-driven rain but breathable for vapour diffusion
  • Can accommodate differential movement on timber frame construction up to 5 storeys
  • Seals effectively – no remedial visits or wet sealants
  • Continually expands and contracts to accommodate movement whilst still sealing the joints
  • Long life expectancy