Specialist Applications

Meeting any application requirement and delivering specialist expertise in Construction, Windows and Pavements

We can supply adhesives, sealants and fixings for any application no matter how specialised or demanding the requirement or operating environment. For example we have supplied tape and adhesives solutions for global pharmaceutical companies, shipbuilders, underground railways and flooring companies. However our experience in the UK construction market makes our services highly valued in walling, insulation and roofing solutions. We also offer expertise in two other specialist sectors – Windows and Highways/Pavements.

For Construction – we have developed new fixings, new laminates and adhesives for house building, and new intelligent walling and insulation systems for both new build and refurbishment. As appointed suppliers of Den Braven adhesives and sealants, we are supported by arguably the leading global manufacturer of the adhesives and sealants used in construction all over the world.

For the UK window market – as well as supplying Den Braven adhesives and sealants (which includes colour matched silicones) for window installation, we are pioneering the introduction of new intelligent installation solutions (based on the latest compressed tape technology); a new technology that complies to the latest building regulations for new build and replacement windows.

In the pavement sector – PAL are UK agents for the new professional Dseal pothole repair solution. The advanced DSeal  repair system is suitable for all types of pavement maintenance including highways, pavements, car parks, and runways. It has a unique rubber formulation that seals the repair against water ingress and weather damage to deliver a more reliable, longer lasting and far more cost effective repair solution.