Highways and Pavement Repair

At last, a durable and enduring rubber sealed repair system for pavement maintenance.

PAL is applying its experience in adhesives and sealants for industrial and construction applications to introduce new products for the highways/ pavement/carpark industry in the UK.

We already supply many existing products appropriate for contractors working in this sector. However we are continually looking for new products and solutions for this market.

At this time, with investment in highway maintenance at an all time low, the problems of finding a cost effective long term solution to repairing potholes and cracks has never been more needed. In Dseal we believe we have found the perfect solution.

PAL are UK agents for this new pothole repair solution which is already being used in extreme weather locations including China, Scandinavia and the USA. Contact us about Dseal or for more information on our range of other materials and consumables for the maintenance of pavements and car parks.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Dseal solution, contact us today.

How Dseal works

Specially developed based on utilising a unique new rubber formulation, Dseal seals the pothole or crack with a rubber solution that protects the repair from water ingress and attack by weather and temperature related causes. A sealed hole is filled and then sealed again over the top with the special compound that protects it from traffic wear as well as all weather risks. The crack likewise except that it may not require filling depending on size and depth. The result is a repair that lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional repairs.

Large cracks can be repaired in the same way and small cracks and joints between surface substrates can be sealed simply without infilling.

For anyone responsible for maintaining or funding the repair of roads, pavements or car parks, Dseal is the obvious solution and the specification option of choice – both cost effectively and reliably.

If you are responsible for highways, pavement or car park maintenance (either as a specifier, or funding manager), then ask us about the overall savings resulting from Dseal.

If you are a contractor undertaking pothole and crack repair, then contact us and let us tell you or even show you just how easy and effective Dseal could be for you and your teams.