Window and Glazing Applications

Adhesives, sealants and complete installation solutions for the UK door and window market.

As new building regulations drive demand for more energy efficient windows, there is a growing demand for improved installation that provides the same A+ efficiency standards. That is why PAL and Den Braven are pioneering the introduction of intelligent Installation systems, based on the use of new compressed tapes. These intelligent installation products and solutions are not only more effective in terms of thermal, airtight and watertight insulation, but also more efficient in saving installation time and costs.

PAL have also just launched the Den Braven range of coloured silicones into the UK window installation market. This has included the production of a bespoke range of silicones for a leading window frame supplier in the UK specially matched to their range of frame colours.

PAL also supply a full range of specialist adhesives, sealants and the associated tools and consumable for all types of window installation.

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