Fire doors are one of the most important elements in giving occupants time to safely evacuate a building whilst minimising damage and safeguarding lives. An effective and essential containment measure, fire doors function to slow down the spread of a fire by limiting the supply of oxygen to a fire and preventing a fire from reaching potential fuel sources, all whilst protecting vital escape routes from flames, gases, and smoke. As such a crucial feature in many buildings, it is important that they are installed correctly and compliantly, maintained, and managed effectively and knowledge of how to achieve this can be built through a range of available fire door installation training courses.


What is fire door installation training?

New UK legislation, introduced steadily over the past few years, has clear and detailed standards on how fire doors are installed and maintained.

There are nationally assured or certified courses available, teaching delegates how to appropriately install, inspect and maintain fire doors. The training courses are specifically designed for industry professionals and provide the theory, and in some cases hands-on practical knowledge in fire door installation.


Who should attend fire door awareness and installation training?

Any individual who has been designated the ‘appointed responsible person’ for a building should be fully trained in fire door awareness, which includes having a clear and up-to-date understanding of all fire door regulations and standards.

Similarly, any professional who installs, inspects or maintains fire doors also needs to have completed the relevant training to a similar level.


Who offers fire door training?

PAL offers a range of courses in fire door training; we specialise in fire door awareness and safety training and fire door installation training and all courses give delegates the chance to get hands-on with installation and maintenance.


Which training courses do PAL offer?

Focusing on theory and knowledge and building upon years of industry experience, this training course covers legislation, building regulations and fire door information. NOCN (National Open College Network) Group have produced this assured Fire Door installation training course working collaboratively with the British Woodworking Federation. This fire door safety course aims to promote awareness in the construction industry of the factors involved in the appropriate installation of timber fire doors. The outline, structure and content of this course is assured by the NOCN Group.

A one-day, intensive recognised course held in The Centre of Excellence at Tring, Hertfordshire, to provide a thorough and comprehensive understanding of fire door safety and a good working knowledge of fire door installation & maintenance.

Third-party certification can be arranged during the training sessions if required by an organisation.


Where can I attend installation training?

The PAL Centre of Excellence at Tring, Hertfordshire is our purpose-built, state-of-the-art training facility dedicated to fire door training, awareness, and understanding. Best practices, responsibility and professional standards are at the heart of our comprehensive training and all of our training is delivered by accredited and approved instructors.


To learn more about our training facilities and courses, visit the training section of our website.


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