Why choose PAL Non-Combustible Window Packers?

In construction, trade professionals often have to deal with irregular surfaces and challenges when attaching new components to existing infrastructures. The installation of windows and doors in particular can be a challenging task, with irregularities forming gaps between the component and the surface. The gaps create a weak point within the structure and can have knock-on effects on the stability of the window. Window packers are used to “pack” these gaps.

Please note: PAL Packers are coming soon, but are not yet available to order.

What are window packers?

Historically, prototype packers were often made out of spare timber: adding to the workload, increasing time spent onsite and, most likely, doing very little to solve the core problem of an irregular surface, as wood is likely to rot over time and render the makeshift packer useless. In modern construction, packers are made out of a variety of materials and come in a range of thicknesses, lengths and different variations of the original packer shape.

What are window packers used for?

Window packers are, quite simply, a small piece of metal or plastic that is used to create a level surface during window and door installation. They are designed to fit securely into a window frame, creating a level surface and increasing the security and stability around the fixing point. The packers strengthen the frame and gently transfer the weight of the glass to the frame during the installation so that the job onsite is quicker and easier; particularly when working at a height or in a challenging area.

What are PAL Non-Combustible Window Packers?

PAL’s Non-Combustible window packers offer a non-combustible alternative to traditional timber or plastic packers and are safer and more cost-effective than mild steel, galvanised steel or aluminium.

Our window packers products include our FR-Rated Horseshoe Packer, our FR-Rated Skim and SilPak.

Sizes available: 50x50mm, 50x80mm

Thicknesses available: 1mm, 3mm, 5mm

Pack Size: x100

What are the benefits of using non-combustible packers?

PAL packers are easy to work with and to cut and drill. They are load bearing and can be adhered to a range of materials, including silicone, mastic and membranes.

All of our packers are non-combustible as standard, and are made from recycled materials.

How do PAL Packers compare to alternatives?

  • PAL Packers offer a fixed cost, compared to metal-based alternatives which have unpredictable availability and costing.
  • PAL Packers are a much lighter alternative, allowing higher quantities to be delivered and handled onsite.
  • PAL Packers are far easier to work with, cut and drill, than metal-based alternatives.

What certifications do PAL Packers have?

PAL Non-Combustible Window Packers are tested and hold certifications and test evidence for compliance to the following standards:

  • EN 1634
  • BS 476
  • SBI Euroclass D

For more information about PAL Packers contact our knowledgeable team.