Balkerne Gardens Trust – Fire Door Supply & Install

PAL & Fire Team Solutions at Balkerne Gardens Trust: Sheltered Housing & Residential Care – Colchester.

Fire Door Supplier: VLine Doorsets via PAL

Fire Door Installer: Fire Team Solutions Ltd 

Independent Fire Door Inspector:  Ken Parker, Select Safety Services Ltd


Project Requirements:

  • Remove and replace 69 FD30 Flat Entry Doorsets.
  • Remove and replace 26 FD30 Cross Corridor sets.
  • Remove and replace 12 FD30 Riser Doorsets.
  • Passive Fire Stopping requirements regards containment issues.


Following a thorough assessment, it was discovered that many of the care home’s fire doors did not meet the necessary fire safety regulations, posing a significant risk to the residents. The fire doorsets were manufactured and delivered to the site by PAL within six weeks from the date of the order. The project was then completed within the subsequent six weeks. To meet specific facility requirements, it was necessary to ensure that no door set remained incomplete at the end of each day.

Barriers to project success:

As a sheltered accommodation residence, the primary logistical challenge was to replace the flat entrance doors without hindering the movement of the residents. To ensure that the daily activities of the tenants were not affected, it was crucial to keep access clear at all times. Our experienced workforce was diligent in maintaining a clean work environment and ensuring that tools were stored neatly to prevent any trip hazards for the residents.

During the installation process, it was imperative to consider the individual needs of each resident. Some tenants had limited mobility and required the use of walkers. Therefore, the speed and delay action of the door closer had to be adjusted to suit the abilities of each occupant.


Project Outcome:

Despite these challenges, the project was completed successfully, thanks to the careful planning and coordination of our team. The sheltered accommodation now boasts new entrance doors that provide enhanced safety and security for the residents.


Smoke Seal – before

Smoke Seal – after

New closer device fitted

New ironmongery fitted

New ironmongery fitted

New signage fitted

New ironmongery fitted

New ironmongery fitted


Completed doorset installation