The term Vinyl Flooring covers many applications, both domestic and commercial and it can mean different things to different people. Within our range of products, we have vinyl adhesives for applications including wet-rooms, roll-format linoleum, specialist fire-retardant areas and PVC backed carpet tiles.

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SF600 - Multi-Purpose Polyurethane Adhesive

SF600 is a two part polyurethane adhesive formulated for ambient temperature cure.

F600 is designed for the permanent bonding of a wide range of floor
coverings including:

  • synthetic rubber

  • PVC

  • wood

SF109 - High Performance, High Temperature Adhesive

SF109 is a solvent-free co-polymer, fibre-reinforced emulsion adhesive.

SF109 has been specially developed for LVT, vinyl and highly plasticised floor coverings. Suitable for use in areas of high solar gain and above under floor heating systems.

SF512 - Water Resistant Adhesive

SF512 is a single component product derived from advanced MS polymer technology, for use with PVC & rubber flooring.

  • SF512 has been specially developed for bonding PVC and rubber floor coverings to a wide range of substrates, including;

  • concrete substrates

  • cementitious substrates

  • metal substrates

  • plywood substrates.

For use in applications:

  • in areas of high risk where public safety is a priority

  • where heat and/or chemical resistance is required

  • where solvents and hazardous chemicals are not allowed

  • where immediate grab is required such as traditional contact adhesive applications

SF404 - Fire Retardant Epoxy Adhesive

SF404 is a two part epoxy based, self extinguishing adhesive of thixotropic consistency, formulated for ambient temperature curing.

SF404 has been specifically developed for the bonding of all resilient (eg. rubber, vinyl and linoleum) and textile floor coverings in areas of high risk and where public safety is the main consideration, to: concrete substrates cementitious substrates metal substrates plywood substrates.

SF105 - Acrylic Adhesive for PVC and Linoleum

SF105 is a thixotropic water-borne floor covering adhesive.

SF105 has been specially developed for linoleum and vinyl floor coverings, particularly the highly plasticised types. It is also approved for use with PVC backed carpets.