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As new building regulations drive demand for more energy efficient windows, there is a growing demand for improved installation that provides the same A++ efficiency standards.

Today’s windows are increasingly more technologically advanced and are continuing to evolve as the drive for energy conservation continues. Modern windows require advanced sealing solutions to insulate the joint and to maintain their overall efficiency, whilst preventing energy losses and avoiding thermal bridging around the frames.

PAL aim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for window and door installers and stock the following items, most are available for next day delivery:

  • Coloured Silicones
  • PU Foam
  • B1 Fire Rated Foam
  • Compriband Tape
  • Air Tight Tapes, EPDM & Membranes – Tremco illbruck, Siga & Hanno
  • Glass Protection Film – Blue or Clear
  • MS Polymers / Hybrids
  • EPDM Pastes
  • Glazing packers, backing rods and many more Tapes & Adhesives available on request


Please feel free to contact us today for a quote or for any help with your requirements.


What is Illbruck FS125? Illbruck FS125 is a one-part, neutral curing, low modulus, low odour silicone sealant suitable for perimeter joint sealing applications with high movement capability. It has excellent primerless adhesion to multiple surfaces including masonry, brick, aluminium, PVC-U, polycarbonate, polyacrylate, wood, painted wood, glass and glazed surfaces. What…

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What is Illbruck FM320? FM320 is a moisture-curing, one-component polyurethane foam used in general gap filling, bonding and insulation applications. What applications can Illbruck FM320 be used for? FM320 is suitable for general gap filling, bonding and insulation applications. These include the perimeter sealing and fixing of windows and doors,…

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Brick & Block

Brick & Block is the one of the most traditional of all construction methods for infill or load-bearing structures. It creates a cavity wall which helps to protect the internal structure from the effects of the weather. Increasingly, the thermal performance of cavity wall constructions is being improved by wider…

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Timber Frame

Whilst timber frame construction is the most common type of construction for one-and two-storey houses in North America and Scandinavia, in Central Europe it has become more common with the increase of prefabricated homes and multi-storey commercial buildings in wood panel construction. A number of advantages have made this type…

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Check Reveal

A ‘check reveal’ is a detail that is particularly common in Scotland and Central Europe and involves an opening being formed in the external masonry skin where the external structural opening is smaller than the window frame and consequently the external face of the window frame when installed butts up…

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Steel Frame Systems

SFS construction such as Metsec is a method of façade construction with ever-increasing popularity in the UK due to its versatility and speed of erection. The SFS is constructed using pre-fabricated metal members either as a continuous ribbon framing in front of the individual floor levels or installed between floors…

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PAL have an extensive range of Accessories and Ancillaries all designed to ensure our customers are able to optimise their time on site and complete a high standard of finish. All of these products have been fully tested and are equipped to operate in the harshest of conditions.

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Illbruck have developed a brilliant range of innovative systems designed to make the life of the Model Contractor much easier.  By brining together their high-performance adhesives, membranes, tapes and sealants into defined systems for specific applications, illbruck take the hassle out of the specification process.   Illbruck i3 Window Sealing…

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