The illbruck product range and the team at PAL ensure Professional Sealant Applicator gets the reassurance of excellent product knowledge and on-site expertise, to deliver joint solutions for internal and external applications that can withstand heavy use over time. With a combination of membranes, hybrid and silicone sealants available, and a range of tapes and accessories illbruck & PAL are able to offer problem free installation systems.

PAL understand that joints are an increasingly important detail of fac?ades. Whilst catering for movement, the joint must look aesthetically pleasing and blend in with the building. Subjected to weathering, pollution and movement of the joint, the sealant must cope with stress and strains. If the sealant does not perform, this could affect the functionality of the joint and the entire fac?ade. The sealed joint must continue to function over the long term.

Through our alliance with illbruck, PAL are able to supply a wide range of sealants and membranes that are purpose designed for different applications on fac?ades and designed to withstand all of the above.

Masonry Façade

Natural stone and construction chemicals can be a delicate combination. Unsuitable sealants turn joints into visible scars when plasticizers migrate into the stone. This can be avoided by using the appropriate adhesives, tapes or sealants. illbruck natural stone silicone prevents discoloration. Silicone is also available in a matt finish, to…

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Curtain Walls

Curtain walling provides an extremely popular and versatile means of producing a façade on high rise buildings and encompasses the aesthetic appeal, control of light and is inherently weather tight, airtight and thermally efficient. There are two main types of curtain walling – ‘stick’ and unitised, and both have their…

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Rain Screen Cladding

Rain screen cladding is a popular type of facade construction consisting of the structural backing wall and external finish, such as decorative panels, glazing, stone, terracotta, with a cavity between. The external finish provides the main weather barrier, however the backing wall will also need to be weather tight and…

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Glass Façades

For the manufacturing of insulating glass and structural glazing, PAL are able to supply the full range of Tremco products. Tremco have been supplying the glass industry for many years with adhesives and sealants for manufacturing insulating glass, attaching glass to window casements and the production of structural silicone glazing…

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External Walling Renders

PAL’ collaboration with CPG UK provides our customers access to one of The World’s Premier suppliers of external wall insulation systems. Dryvit have a comprehensive range of EWI systems, anti-crack render systems and interior finishes. These systems have been used in over 500,000 commercial and residential buildings around the world.…

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Illbruck have developed a brilliant range of innovative systems designed to make the life of the Model Contractor much easier.  By brining together their high-performance adhesives, membranes, tapes and sealants into defined systems for specific applications, illbruck take the hassle out of the specification process.   Illbruck i3 Window Sealing…

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