PAL’ collaboration with CPG UK provides our customers access to one of The World’s Premier suppliers of external wall insulation systems. Dryvit have a comprehensive range of EWI systems, anti-crack render systems and interior finishes. These systems have been used in over 500,000 commercial and residential buildings around the world.

The insulating qualities of Dryvit external wall insulation systems make them an excellent source of energy-efficiency, eliminating cold bridging by insulating the outer layer of a building. Dryvit systems assist considerably in meeting, and often exceeding, energy-related building regulations.

With the use of efficient modern materials and installation methods, Dryvit’s systems have continually proven to be a cost-effective build solution. Whether installed in-situ, or prefabricated off site, the systems can reduce construction time.

For products relating to External Render Systems, please visit the Dryvit website establish your requirements and PAL will gladly service your supply needs.