To make things simple for our customers we don’t list all the Adhesive Tapes we can supply.

After 20 years of researching, supplying and sourcing thousands of products available for OEM’s, Construction Sites, Engineering Plants & Medical Organisations; experience has told us that it’s much better if you tell us what your issue/application is, and we will endeavour to solve it.

PAL have Adhesive Tape Manufacturers all over the world to support us, we also have years of experience in manufacturing millions of square meters of bespoke adhesive tapes for specific applications. This scenario comes up where either there isn’t a product in the market that works, or the products that are available are too expensive.

The range of products we do show on this site are specific to the Construction & OEM Sectors, however we will help anyone, in any sector find the adhesive tape they need.

Construction & OEM Tapes

Adhesive Construction Tapes are used for bonding, sealing & securing a vast number of substrates in varying environmental applications. However, most of these substrates are based around metals, plastics and wood all of which throw up complex challenges depending on the exact nature of the material. PAL in collaboration with…

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