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FV050 Small Ventilated Cavity Barrier is suited to an open state cavity of up to 50 mm, manufactured from a directionally expansive intumescent material encapsulated in a foil barrier.


FV050 is a fire rated product designed to act as an external wall cavity barrier at the required locations such as compartment floors, around windows, doors, etc. and within uninsulated cavities requiring permanent (open-state) ventilation. In the event of a fire FV050 will expand to close the external wall cavity, providing effective fire resistance, for integrity and insulation for up to 120 minutes depending upon the construction of the external walls. FV050 is designed for use within a 50 mm cavity, and once installed will close the remaining free air gap (in front of the 6 mm thick cavity barrier) of 44 mm.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.


Nullifire FV050 Product Benefits:

  • Up to 120 minutes fire resistance tested in accordance with ASFP TGD19 guidance
  • Allows maximum ventilation of cavities reducing the need for cavity trays or weepholes
  • Suitable only for “open-state” ventilated cavities up to 50 mm wide
  • Lightweight – easy & quick to install
  • Low smoke zero halogen high expansion intumescent material
  • Water repellent resistant
  • No maintenance required after installation

up to 120 minutes


FV050 Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf


FV050 Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf