Curtain walling provides an extremely popular and versatile means of producing a façade on high rise buildings and encompasses the aesthetic appeal, control of light and is inherently weather tight, airtight and thermally efficient. There are two main types of curtain walling – ‘stick’ and unitised, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages by comparison. illbruck provide key product solutions for sealing the interfaces between the curtain walling and structure and within the curtain walling itself, maintaining the performance of the construction envelope across a multitude of joints and connections, which if not considered appropriately could significantly affect the integrity and energy performance of the façade and building.

Illbruck ME220 EPDM Membrane

Illbruck ME220 EPDM membrane is used for weather sealing the connecting joint between a window or a façade & an adjacent structure, or to provide an internal air-tight barrier in a similar detail. If an internal and external membrane is required, in order to meet the principle of ‘inside tighter than outside’, ME220 should be located as the inner membrane and ME501 Duo Window Membrane HD as the outer membrane.  This will ensure that the inner seal is more vapour tight than the outer which will facilitate drying out of any entrapped moisture between the two layers.

illbruck ME500 Duo Flexible Window Membrane

illbruck ME500 is a polyethylene copolymer film with non-woven fleece fabric. It is an intelligent membrane providing perimeter window seal for airtight internal & weathertight external joints. ME500 Duo Flexible Window Membranes (E & W) comprises a tear-proof woven fleece fabric with a polyethylene copolymer film. An integrated movement pleat is included in the foil which complies with the planning and installation recommendations of DIN 4108-7 and with the RAL Quality Assurance Association for windows and doors. It is attached to the wall with butyl adhesive, and to the window /door with a self-adhesive strip. The product has a specially designed reactive foil – water vapour permeability (sd value) changes depending on the humidity inside the joint. This allows the product to perform as an intelligent seal for airtight internal joints, and weathertight breathable external joints. The intelligent reactive system ensures that the joint always dries at the maximum rate. In non-fenestration applications, the membrane can be used to seal across adjacent insulated panels as an airtight or weathertight seal.

illbruck ME501 Duo Membrane Window HD

illbruck ME501 is a high strength, tear resistant membrane made from polyethylene copolymer film with non-woven fabric. It can be applied before or after window installation to suit on-site details and programming. It is also available with gasket options for fixing to window profiles. ME501 provides a high-performance seal to the perimeter joint between the window/curtain wall and the construction reveal. Due to the intelligent, variable vapour permeability (sd value), when used in an internal UK (warm) environment, it will be vapour-tight, and when used in an external UK (cold) environment it will be vapour open. This means that the membrane is suitable for interior and exterior use providing an air-tight and weather-tight seal whilst always complying with inside tighter than outside principles.

Illbruck ME010 – FR - Vapour Open Breather Membrane – 1.5m x 50m

This high-performance breather membrane can be directly laid on sheathing board or thermal insulation behind partially or fully open rain screen façades or curtain walling. ME010 is a highly vapour open, watertight, polyester-based breather membrane, with Class B-s1, d0 to EN13501-1 –including adhesive, tested by MPA Hannover. Suitable for full façade or window perimeter sealing applications.

Illbruck ME009 – UV Stable – Wide Format – Breather Membrane 3.2m x 50m

ME009 is a highly breathable polypropylene, non-woven, UV stable construction membrane that provides an effective waterproof layer for building façades. It is designed in a wide format making it ideal for use in the modular construction industry.

illbruck SP025 Fire Membrane Adhesive. 600ml Foil

SP025 Fire Membrane Adhesive is chemically neutral and low odour during and after curing. The product is permanently elastic but with a high mechanical strength. SP025 shows a good resistance to UV, weather and ageing and is free from isocyanates and silicone. Suitable for bonding and sealing in construction applications. Façade sealant for external and internal use according to DIN EN 15651-1, Class 20HM. Tested with ME010 Façade UV & Fire membrane to EN 13501-1: Class B-s1, d0. Suitable for bonding illbruck intelligent membrane range (NOT EPDM)

Illbruck ME011 – UV Stable Vapour Open Breather Membrane – 1.5m x 50m

ME011 is a special monolithic functional membrane covered with two layers of non-woven water-repellent polyester. This breather membrane can be directly laid on sheathing board or thermal insulation behind partially open rain screen façades or curtain walling with up to 30 mm wide open joints. The open joints should represent a maximum of 40% of the overall façade area i.e. for a 30 mm gap width, the panels/slats should be a minimum width of 45 mm each. The membrane is made of a special, monolithic functional membrane covered with two layers of non-woven water-repellent polyester.

illbruck ME316 – Endurance Tape

illbruck ME316 is a PP fleece with waterproof solid adhesive. This single-sided adhesive tape is suitable for interior & exterior use, providing a high performing air & weather-tightness seal. ME316 is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including sealing of sheathing boards and for the durable bonding of illbruck commercial vapour barrier and breather membranes. Particularly suited for sealing of joints between timber panels to maintain long-term performance. A permanent bond is achieved on all illbruck building protection membranes and PE, PA, PP, aluminium foils, concrete, brick and block, aerated concrete and wood used to create an airtight seal.

illbruck ME904 Adhesive Tape Primer

ME904 is used for the pre-treatment of building substrates, e.g. cement particle board, masonry, timber, etc., when using illbruck building protection tapes, particularly for bonding to damp substrates. ME904 is a solvent free, acrylic copolymer primer.

illbruck OT008 EPDM Membrane Paste Adhesive. 600ml

illbruck OT008 Paste Adhesive is a special adhesive particularly suited for bonding illbruck ME220 & ME501 membrane onto porous substrates such as styrene foam (incl. EPS), varnished wood, etc. It is also suitable for bonding membrane to membrane or between membrane and non-porous materials such as aluminium, metal, zinc plated metal, bitumen, butyl. The connection produced provides excellent resistance to ageing, temperature changes and is waterproof.

illbruck FS500 Frame & Façade Silicone – Low Mod – Neutral Cure 310ml

illbruck FS500 is one-part, neutral curing, low modulus, low odour silicone sealant suitable for perimeter joint sealing applications with high movement capability. It has excellent adhesion to most porous substrates. FS500 is ideal for use in: expansion & curtain wall joints, perimeter joints around windows or doors, panel joints between most common substrates, heel and toe beads, polycarbonate glazing and other general joint sealing applications.

illbruck FA600 Frame Silicone

illbruck FA600 cures rapidly to form a permanently flexible and extremely durable watertight seal. It is designed for sealing glazing applications, window and door perimeters, display cases, conservatories and greenhouses.

illbruck FA190 Frame & Façade Silicone – Low Mod – Neutral Cure -310ml

FA190 is ideal for use in expansion & curtain wall joints, perimeter joints around windows or doors, panel joints between most common substrates, heel and toe beads, polycarbonate glazing and other general joint sealing applications. Aluminium & PVC-U Windows, door frames and concrete.

Illbruck SP510 Low Mod Hybrid Sealant & Adhesive 310ml

illbruck SP510 is a one component, non-sagging construction sealant based on hybrid polymers. SP510 is low slump even in warmer temperatures. It has excellent application properties. It cures with air humidity, to form a tack-free surface and provides good resistance to light, ageing and weathering. SP510 is suitable for long term elastic sealing of window and door perimeter joints and movement joints between construction components. It can be used for indoor* and outdoor applications. It is compatible with metals and most construction materials.

illbruck SP925 Air Seal Hybrid Sealant – 600ml

illbruck SP925 is a one-component, low-viscosity sealant based on hybrid polymer technologies. It is chemically neutral, low odour and is compatible with most common building substrates. SP925 cures by reacting with the moisture in the air to form a firm, elastic, weather and airtight coating with good UV resistance. SP925 is a sealant specifically developed to provide weather and airtightness in areas difficult to seal with conventional sealants. By being brushable and sprayable, complex small joints can be successfully sealed. Easy to apply, SP925 does not drop out of vertical unbacked joints up to 6 mm wide. For larger gaps backing is required.

illbruck AT101 Primer for Silicone on Porous Surfaces

illbruck AT101 is a primer used to improve the adhesion of weathertight sealants to porous substrates.AT101 improves the adhesion of weathertight sealants onto various porous substrates. It is recommended that in order to ensure satisfactory adhesion, a test area is checked prior to proceeding with the complete application.