For when environments are semi-exposed then solvent based products still provide an answer in obtaining an excellent finish in a reasonable time frame.

Nullifire SC602 – On Site Intumescent Basecoat

Nullifire SC602 is a single pack acrylic thin film intumescent basecoat for the protection of internal and semi-exposed structural steelwork. Optimised to provide 60 minutes fire resistance to ‘I’ section beams and columns, hollow columns and beams, as well as cellular beams. 90 minute and limited 120 minute protection is also available.

Nullifire SC902

Nullifire SC902 On Site Fast Track Intumescent Coating

SC902 provides a fast curing fire protection coating for structural steel. SC902 is designed to provide up to 120 minutes fire resistance to ‘I’ section beams and columns, hollow columns, cellular beams, concrete filled hollow columns and solid steel rods. As a fast-track coating, all 120 minute loadings are possible to apply in a single coat and weather resistant in one hour. SC902 can be used on steel, cast iron and galvanised steel.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use. Flammable – keep away from open flames and other ignition sources.


  • Fast cure, even below 0°C, touch dry in 1 hour.
  • High solids content.
  • Early weather resistance, shower proof within 1 hour.
  • Self-priming system tolerant of light rusting to steel, up to 2 weeks post blasting.
  • High build potential with all ratings possible in one application.
  • Fire rating up to 120 minutes tested to BS476 and EN13381: Parts 6, 8, 9 & 10.
  • Designed for on-site use.
  • Optifire®+ unique traceability identifier.
  • Certifire CF5144.
  • CE ETA 20/1216.