“Glue-Down” LVT or Vinyl Flooring tile systems require unique pressure sensitive adhesives depending on the application. The main criteria for selecting an appropriate adhesive comes down to the temperature where tile is to be situated. Where there is a high solar gain, or where underfloor heating systems are in operation, a High Temperature adhesive will be required. In more ambient circumstances, our standard pressure sensitive adhesive is an excellent choice.

SF105 Acrylic Adhesive for PVC and Linoleum

SF105 is a thixotropic water-borne floor covering adhesive.

SF105 has been specially developed for linoleum and vinyl floor coverings, particularly the highly plasticised types. It is also approved for use with PVC backed carpets.

SF108 - Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive

SF108 is a pressure sensitive adhesive for bonding most rubber and vinyl floor coverings as well as vinyl wall coverings.

SF108 is designed for single stick bonding of rubber flooring, tiles and sheet to porous surfaces and bonding PVC floor, wall and ceiling coverings.

SF109 - High Performance, High Temperature Adhesive

SF109 is a solvent-free co-polymer, fibre-reinforced emulsion adhesive.

SF109 has been specially developed for LVT, vinyl and highly plasticised floor coverings. Suitable for use in areas of high solar gain and above under floor heating systems.