ALL Flooring in both Domestic and Commercial Applications will need protecting, whether it’s a new build or refurbishment project. The cost to the Contractor for not adequately protecting flooring can be a very bitter pill to swallow. At PAL we have a complete range of flooring protection, incorporating both Non-FR and fully FR Certified products.

Depending on what you are trying to protect and for how long, we provide the following options:

  • PAL-F3 – Carpet ProtectionFR BS 4790 – Zero ResidueInterior Use. 600mm x 100m. PAL’s Carpet Protection Film is a Heavy Duty 45 Micron Clear Film. We recommend this for the protection of sensitive surfaces against dirt and damage on site. This product has been tested on all standard textile-based floor coverings and is FR BS 4790 Certified.
  •  PAL – F4 Synthetic Carpet Shield FR TS63 Certified – Zero Residue – Interior Use. 600mm x 100m. Non-slip, flame retardant carpet protection for use during final construction stages to protect carpets and stairs.  Reverse wound, enabling quick and easy installation and lightweight for ease of handling around site.  Requires no taping, saving time and has a low tack adhesive to avoid any residue being left behind after removal. Designed to protect synthetic carpets only and for up to a maximum of 4 weeks. Not suitable for rugs, loose fitting carpet tiles or worn carpets.
  • PAL Proplex – Black / White (similar Correx) 1.2m x 2.4m. PAL Proplex 2mm corrugated polypropylene plastic sheets are an excellent alternative to hardboard sheets, similar to CORREX® corrugated plastic sheeting, and provide floors, doors, stairs, walls, worktops, and windows with effective protection. This fluted protection board, with a twin-wall construction, is a strong yet lightweight product that offers maximum protection for all types of surfaces. Perfect for a range of internal and external applications during building, construction and refurbishment projects, this reliable solution is also waterproof and resistant to chemicals.
  • PAL Proplex – Black / White FR – LPS1207 1.2m x 2.4m. PAL Proplex FR 2mm, 3mm, 4mm is designed Protect your surfaces with these flame retardant Proplex corrugated plastic sheets. Ideal for all building, refurbishment and construction projects, these twin sheets of polypropylene provide effective protection for all types of floors, doors, windows and walls. Fully certified to LPS 1207 standard, they provide flame retardant protection on-site, both internally and externally, and can be re-used again and again.
  • PAL Proplex – Heavy Duty – White FR – LPS1207 1.2m x 2.4m. Our advanced Flame Retardant Proplex Heavy Duty has been specially developed to provide extra tough, hard-wearing protection to any surface susceptible to damage. Its unique design, using high density 1200gsm Flame Retardant polypropylene, ensures this high-quality sheet expertly absorbs the impact from heavy shocks, knocks and bangs. For improved compression and impact resistance to help protect against heavy vehicular traffic, this superior product is designed with a twin-wall structure. This also ensures the product is water, oil and chemical resistant.
  • PAL Breather-Shield – FR – Wood & Laminate Floor protection. 100m x 1m roll. This unique permeable, flame retardant membrane, ensures that newly laid flooring can both breathe easily and remain protected from the elements. This roll of material allows floors to breathe and is particularly suited to wood and laminate flooring or floors that are susceptible to scratching. Engineered with a cutting- edge breathable membrane, this product provides the perfect solution for uncured surfaces that need a strong and reliable shield. This product is also resistant to tears, rips, water and spills – great for construction and refurbishment sites.
  • PAL RhinoTile – Flame Retardant interlocking rigid tiles – Heavy Duty – Site Traffic 500mm x 500mm. The outstanding RhinoTile is a moulded, non-slip ground protection mat constructed with a cellular structure for superior durability – even when up against heavy foot or vehicular traffic.  Designed as a heavy-duty protective solution, this product is excellent at absorbing shock and noise while resisting impact from heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions. Effective in both high and low temperatures, RhinoTile provides a versatile choice that is ideal when protecting driveways from construction work. The range also has a compatible ramp edge strip that makes them fully accessible with trolleys and other loading equipment. It is also recyclable, whilst already being made from 100% recycled material for completely sustainable benefits. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent application, on construction sites, at outdoor events, or at your home, RhinoTile is the right mat for you.

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