On Jan 10th 2022, Michael Gove warned developers that they must pay to fix the cladding crisis to the tune of £4Bn.

He wrote a letter to the industry asking them to agree to help fix the cladding crisis by:

  • Make financial contributions to a dedicated fund to cover the full outstanding cost of remedial works to unsafe cladding on 11-18 metre buildings.
  • Fund and undertaken all necessary remedial works on buildings over 11 metres that they have had a role in developing
  • Provide comprehensive information on all buildings over 11 metres which have historic safety defects and which they have played a part in constructing in the last 30 years.

He warned that he will take all necessary steps to make this happen, including restricting access to government funding and future procurement, the use of planning powers and the pursuit of companies through the courts.

Government notice: Click here [Gov website]

Letter to industry: Click here [Gov website]

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