Every great business venture starts with a friendship, and here at Performance Adhesives Limited, we would like to believe that this is the secret to our success with CPG UK (formerly tremco illbruck).

If you know anything about us here at PAL, you will know that our ethos is shaped around the concepts of passion and integrity. We are continuously moving forward, innovating where we can and improving our offering to the construction industry, and due to this people trust us to adhere to our word. The team at PAL strive to deliver sustainable and economical construction methods and our partnership with CPG UK allows us to fulfil our commitment to you – our customers.

Now offering a full and cohesive range of products from CPG UK to include (but not limited to) sealants, adhesives, membranes, flooring and fire stopping solutions, the team at PAL are energized about educating and servicing the market with the latest technologies and product innovations brought from CPG UK.

We will strive to support our customers where possible – offering extensive training at our facilities, excellent customer service and most importantly a friend at the end of the phone, for any questions you may have on installations or products.

Our friendship with the team at CPG UK – also extends to you. We are all one team and we will help where we can.

For more information on the products available at PAL, please contact info@performanceadhesives.co.uk